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Representing the Agents' Performance Evolution


During the tournament, FM keeps track of the performance value (benefits) of each contender. These values are stored in a series of raw data files named tex2html_wrap_inline1012 gif in the plot directory. FM also creates a file named evaluation.dem that can be employed by Gnuplotgif in order to produce a visual representation of the evolution of the competitors along a tournament. Needless to say that other tools might alternatively be utilized to interpret these data files.

Interestingly, when using Gnuplot you can easily generate postcript representations of the evolution of the competitors by editing evaluation.dem and uncommenting some command lines wherever it is indicated.

Section gif shows how you must proceed in order to obtain the visual representation offered by Gnuplot.

We must remind you that all the relevant data yielded during a tournament session are also available from the FM database whenever this capability has been enabled.

Juan Antonio Rodriguez
Fri Oct 16 15:39:57 MET DST 1998