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I am a researcher in Artificial Intelligence at the IIIA-CSIC in Barcelona. My main interest is in Automated Negotiations where utility functions do not have an explicit expression, but instead are defined in terms of some hard, time-consuming problem that may involve Logic, Game Theory and Constraint Satisfaction. One typical example of such a domain is the game of Diplomacy, which I have been using as a test-bed for my research. Furthermore, I am especially interested in applying techniques from General Game Playing to the field of Automated Negotiations.

Previously, I have been working as a postdoctoral researcher and associate lecturer at Western Sydney University, together with Dongmo Zhang. I obtained my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in 2015 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona under supervision of Carles Sierra and my Master's degree in Mathematical Physics in 2008 at the University of Amsterdam under supervision of Robbert Dijkgraaf.

In 2014 I won the second prize in the Automated Negotiating Agents Competition and in 2015 I won the first prize in the first Computer Diplomacy Challenge at the 18th ICGA Computer Olympiad.

You can find an interview with me about Diplomacy here: interview.

In my free time I like to organize improvisation theater events in the Parc de la Cituadella in Barcelona.

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor-, Master- or PhD-project related to Automated Negotiations, General Game Playing, the game of Diplomacy, or any other related topic, please feel free to contact me.

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  • Address: IIIA-CSIC, Campus de la UAB, 08193, Bellaterra, Spain
  • Office: 214
  • Email: davedejonge [at] iiia.csic.es

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