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How does it work?

As to the participants spawning software agents, they must make explicit where the auction house is by hand. That is simply achieved by executing

java prepareConnectionTo aucitonHouseHost auctionHousePort

where auctionHouseHost and auctionHousePort stand respectively for the host and port where the auction house server is said to be running. After this, the remote participants are requested to start their agents by hand.

As to human participants, each one of them must execute

java Buyer -machine auctionHouseHost -port auctionHousePort -buyerId myLogin 
-trace [on|off] -credit [myCredit]
in order to obtain the GUI that allows a human buyer to interact with the auction house as seen in Section gif of Chapter gif.

Juan Antonio Rodriguez
Fri Oct 16 15:39:57 MET DST 1998