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Simply press the Go option of the FM main menu. Figure gif shows the tournament panel that is expected to be displayed.

Figure: Tournament Panel

Then it is your turn, as the only human participant, to enter the tournament. Figure gif shows you the GUI that you will be using to interact with FM during the tournament. It is worth spending some time identifying the many areas of information in it so that you do not get lost when the tournament starts. To request for being let in, simply press on the Auction Room button, and next type your password (also jar, like your login name) into the Agent Login window which appears on your interface, and validate it by pressing Accept. Ideally you will be accepted in the auction house, and from that moment on you will be receiving the tournament information as illustrated by Figure gif. Then you can easily interact with FM through the buyer GUI to either submit bids, or move out into the settlements office, or moving back into the auction room, or update your credit, or finally leave the auction house.

Figure: Human Buyer GUI

Figure: Human Buyer GUI. Tournament Information.

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