What is it about

TEAMAS workshop invites works from different disciplines tackling the topic of teams that pertain to the design of algorithms, models, and techniques to deal with team composition and agent and/or human collaboration within teams. In so doing, this workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and engineers to discuss common issues that arise in solving agent and/or human teams problems in different areas. 


First International Workshop on Teams in Multiagent Systems

São Paulo, 9th May, 2017

Invited Talk

Maria Gini is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota.  She develops algortihms for robots to decide how to allocate tasks among themselves,  explore unknown environments, work as a team in search and rescue operations, or navigate in dense crowds. She has published more than 50 journal articles and more than 250 conference papers and book chapters.


Call for Papers

Submit your work and be a part of the TEAMAS workshop! You have a chance to have your work published!