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A general audience book entitled "Inteligencia Artificial", authored by two IIIA scientists, has been published

This book, authored by Ramon Lopez de Mantaras and Pedro Meseguer, is number 87 in the series of general audience science books "¿Qué sabemos de?", published by "Los Libros de la Catarata" and the CSIC

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uHelp, an app to help in the creation of solidarity networks, featured at the CCCB

The CCCB's activity “Visibilitzant la crisi humanitària a Europa des de l’experiència de persones refugiades”, included the projection of the documentary Invisibles (25 ', 2016),  the IIIA-CSIC’s project uHelp - - and a round table with the Catalan Syrian Bakri Bouchi; Ángela Martínez, representing the group of voluntary professionals of SOS Refugiats, and Blanca Garcés a researcher in migrations of CIDOB. The activity intended to raise awareness of the delicate situation of the refugees in the world.

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Amanda Vidal receipient of the 2015 EUSFLAT Best PhD Thesis Award

For her thesis: "On modal expansions of t-norm based logics with rational constants", supervised by Félix Bou, Frances Esteva and Lluis Godo. The award ceremony will take place during the gala dinner, on September the 13th, 2017, of the forthcoming EUSFLAT 2017 Conference which will be held in Warsaw.


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