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Cerami M.  Enviado.  Fuzzy Description Logics from a Mathematical Fuzzy Logic point of view. Monografies de l'Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial. :220.
In Press
Font F, Serrà J, Serra X.  In Press.  Analysis of the impact of a tag recommendation system in a real-world folksonomy. ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology.
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Alsinet T, Bejar R, Godo L, Guitart F.  In Press.  RP-DeLP: A weighted defeasible argumentation framework based on a recursive semantics. Journal of Logic and Computation, accepted (doi: 10.1093/logcom/exu008).
Esteva F, García-Cerdaña A, Godo L.  In Press.  Smooth finite t-norms and their equational axiomatization. Issues in the Mathematics of Fuzziness. Dedicated to Professor Gaspar Mayor.
Pardo P, Godo L.  In Press.  A temporal argumentation approach to cooperative planning using dialogues. Journal of Logic and Computation (doi:10.1093/logcom/exv007), In Press.
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