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Leading AI entrepreneurs visited the IIIA-CSIC

The Fundación Consejo España China promotes the relationship between Spain and China. Fundación Consejo España China and the Ajuntament de Barcelona introduced the IIIA-CSIC to a Delegation of leading AI Chinese Companies. IIIA-CSIC researchers shared most advanced projects in AI applied to education, social services, ride sharing, educación, user experience, sustainability. 


Defensa de la Tesi Doctoral de Xavier Ferrer Aran

La Defensa de la Tesi Doctoral "Concept Discovery and Argument Bundles in the Web of Experiences" de Xavier Ferrer Aran tindrà lloc a les 11 del matí del 7 de Juny del 2017 al la Sala d'Actes 'Marc Esteva Vivanco'. 

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PhD degree awarded to Arturo Ribes on March 23, 2015

For the thesis entitled "Incremental Active Learning of Sensorimotor Models in Developmental Robotics", Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Supervisors: Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Jesus Cerquides, and Yiannis Demiris