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Paper assignment in large conferences: algorithms and experiences

This presentation provides an overview of paper assignment processes within the context of large conferences. We will expose the algorithms and techniques employed in computing assignments in last editions of selected conferences, highlighting their effectiveness and the problems. Furthermore, we will discuss the various threats we aim to mitigate in this process, while also exploring the key factors contributing to reviewer satisfaction and also looking at the instances of dissatisfaction. Finally, we will present some ideas that can help the assignment process in the future.

Francisco Cruz: "I had the opportunity to join the IIIA-CSIC staff back in year 2k, during my years at the IIIA-CSIC I started to collaborate with different organizations such as IJCAI in 2011 where I started with a small role. Nowadays I am fully employed by IJCAI and have two companies providing different services to large conference organizations such as IJCAI, AAAI, and ECAI. Throughout the past year, my focus has been on developing a software tailored to assist conference organizers in streamlining their review processes.We aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the review process."