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Fuzzy Horn clauses in artificial intelligence: A study of free models, and applications in art painting style categorization

This webinar is a PhD thesis defense.

This PhD thesis contributes to the systematic study of Horn clauses of predicate fuzzy logics and their use in knowledge representation for the design of an art painting style classification algorithm. We first focus the study on relevant notions in logic programming, such as free models and Herbrand structures in mathematical fuzzy logic. We show the existence of free models in fuzzy universal Horn classes, and we prove that every equality-free consistent universal Horn fuzzy theory has a Herbrand model. Two notions of minimality of free models are introduced, and we show that these notions are equivalent in the case of fully named structures. Then, we use Horn clauses combined with qualitative modelling as a fuzzy knowledge representation framework for art painting style categorization. Finally, we design a style painting classifier based on evaluated Horn clauses, qualitative colour descriptors, and explanations. This algorithm, called l-SHE, provides reasons for the obtained results and obtains percentages of accuracy in the experimentation that are competitive.