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How to get the best of your scientific communication skills

"Let's think about our presentations: besides being informative, are they engaging and motivating?"  Carme will give us some hints about how to improve our scientific oral presentations and how to make them live and motivating for the audience.

Carme Roig is in charge of educational and technological innovation at STBCO, Department of Education, Catalonia, Spain. She has a degree in English Philology (UB, 1986) and a Master’s degree in TESOL (Institute of Education, UCL, 1996). She has coordinated a team of teachers who work to introduce and promote cooperative learning practices in high schools as members of XCB (Xarxa de Competències Bàsiques). In recent years, she has been working with several research groups (Goldsmiths College, London, University of Ghent, Belgium, SONY Labs, Paris, IIIA-CSIC Bellaterra) on issues of collaborative distance learning, self-assessment and co-assessment, and participated in experiments to validate a number of computer tools developed within the framework of a European project and in collaboration with the Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, IIIA, CSIC. These tools include the automatic design of lesson plans, assessment tools to assess large numbers of students (MOOC) and tools for students’ grouping. Her main interests are Automated team formation, collaborative work, formative assessment and multilingualism.