A very competitive grant from "La Marató de TV3" granted to the IIIA

11 Marzo 2018

The project is entitled "Playing and Singing for the Recovering Brain: Efficacy of Enriched Social-Motivational Musical Interventions in Stroke Rehabilitation"

A large percentage of chronic stroke patients (CS) show motor deficits and language impairments. These deficits clearly diminish their health-related quality of life, limiting their socio-familiar and working roles. In this context, music has arisen as a potential neurorehabilitation tool. The aim of the project is to propose and evaluate new home-based self-training interventions for (i) the use of music training to induce motor recovery (Music supported therapy, MST) and (ii) singing-based interventions for language recovery in aphasic patients.

Partners: Institut d'Investigació Biomèdica Hospital de Bellvitge - IDIBELL, Institut Investigació Intel·ligència Artificial - IIIA CSIC, Cognitive Brain Research Unit - University of Helsinki

Duration of the project: 36 months

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