Learning Systems Department

L'activitat d'aquest grup agafa des del disseny d'algorismes per a desenvolupar sistemes basats en l'aprenentatge a partir de l'experiència fins l'aprenentatge probabilístic i les seves aplicacions a robòtica, mineria de dades preservant la privacitat, música i sistemes multiagent.

Projectes actuals
  • Playing and Singing for the Recovering Brain: Efficacy of Enriched Social-Motivational Musical Interventions in Stroke Rehabilitation
    gen. 2018 - des. 2020
    (Main researcher:Josep Lluis Arcos)
  • INNOBRAIN: New technologies for the innovation in cognitive stimulation and rehabilitation
    gen. 2017 - des. 2019
    (Main researcher:Josep Lluis Arcos)
Darreres notícies

set. 2017

This book, authored by Ramon Lopez de Mantaras and Pedro Meseguer, is number 87 in the series of general audience science books "¿Qué sabemos de?", published by "Los Libros de la Catarata" and the CSIC

jul. 2017

At the opening ceremony of IJCAI-17on August 22 in Melbourne, the Donald E. Walker Distinguished Service Award will be given to Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, Research Professor of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the CSIC. Professor Lopez de Mantaras is recognized for his substantial contributions, as well as his extensive service to the field of Artificial Intelligence throughout his career.