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Interface Attributes

There is a set of attributes that customise the interface associated to a particular fact. The attributes are:

This is an attribute that associates a long name, i.e. a string, to the fact. Experts use atomic short mnemonic names to identify a fact mainly to simplify rules and meta-rules writing. The long name is the representation of the fact to be shown to users to help them understand the concept the fact represents.

The value of this attribute is a string that the system uses to query a user about the value of the fact.

When the system asks the user for the value of a fact, the user can ask for help. In that case the explanation attribute value, a string, is presented to the user.

It is the name of a file containing an image to be shown together with the question when that fact is asked to the user. For instance in Spong-IA applicationgif, when the system asks about the external aspect of the sponge the user wants to classify, an image containing pictures representing the possible forms is shown to him.

Josep Puyol-Gruart
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