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Milord II allows the programmer to give a value to a parameter that controls the minimum truth-value that a premise has to evaluate to in order to fire a rule in that particular module.

This parameter is named the threshold of a module. Its value is a linguistic term and the default value is the second term tex2html_wrap_inline6601 of the chain tex2html_wrap_inline6603 of truth-values (see Section 4). MYCIN [23] had certainty factors lying in the interval [-1,1], and used a similar approach by having a threshold to fire rules of 0.2. An example of threshold declaration is:

Truth Threshold: may_be

As another consequence of the threshold parameter all facts with a lower truth-value less or equal than the threshold become unknown.

Josep Puyol-Gruart
Thu Oct 23 15:34:13 MET DST 1997