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When we change the execution focus from the control component of a module to its deductive component the reflection procedure is in charge of informing the deductive component about the modifications in the theory and modular structure generated during the execution of the control component. Hence, for each meta-predicate instance of particular meta-predicates and for each action scheduled a procedure is undertaken to change adequately the deductive component theory.

Fact f's value is updated to become int. It is a destructive operation and no truth maintenance mechanism is put into action. It is, in general, a dangerous operation. Programmers should avoid it.

Inhibit rules [relationid] pathid
The rules containing the fact pathid in their premises, or optionally any fact related by relationid to pathid are eliminated from the theory.

Prune pathpredid
All rules having a fact in their premise directly or indirectly related with the fact pathpredid are eliminated from the theory.

Filter tex2html_wrap_inline6583
All submodules contained in the expression tex2html_wrap_inline6583 are eliminated from the structure of the module. Again, this is a destructive operation, no truth maintenance mechanism is engaged to retract those deductions based on facts exported by the eliminated submodules, which from this moment on will be hidden to the module.

Order tex2html_wrap_inline6583 with certainty tex2html_wrap_inline6589
This action is only effective in eager modules. The order in the execution of submodules will be the result of weighting the certainty value of different order actions, the relative position of modules in those actions, and the writing order.

Open(amodid), {Module, Inherit}(term)
The necessary linking procedure is engaged to generate the submodule (that can be in general a complex activity) and to update the module structures representing the hierarchy, so that from then on the so generated new submodule will have the same status as if it had been defined statically.

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