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Database Access

If you intend to connect a MySQL  database to FM, the tournament database must be firstly created. For this purpose, start MySQL  and type

mysqladmin create tournament
After this, your tournament database will have been created. There only remains to create the tables composing such database so as to get it ready for FM connections. This operation can be easily achieved using the SQL table creator script in the database directory. Simply typing
mysql tournament < CreateTournamentTables.sql
from your command line will do the job without even needing to start mysql.

Finally, if you decide to eliminate the database, executing

mysql tournament < DeleteAllData.sql
will delete all the tournament tables (DeleteAllData.sql can be also found in the database directory). And complementarily the dropping of the database by executing
mysql > DROP DATABASE tournament;
will end up with the database removal.

Finally, we must say that FM offers the Database option in its main menu. This allows the connection of FM to XMySQL  for the visualization of the tournament database. Evidently, XMySQL  must have previosuly installed following the guidelines in Section gif.

Juan Antonio Rodriguez
Fri Oct 16 15:39:57 MET DST 1998