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The Monitoring Agent

To start off the FM Monitoring Agent, select the Monitoring option of the FM main menu. Figure gif displays the video-like panel that will be showed to allow to control the FM Monitoring Agent in a fairly easy way.

Figure: Monitoring Agent Control Panel

All you have to do, for the moment, in order to start playing the ongoing tournament session is to press the play button and watch. Figure gif shows the graphical representation ot the so-called virtual FM. This (market-centered) representation method appears to be convenient for the tournament designer to visualize all the activities occurring distributedly and concurrently in FM in a global manner.

Figure: Virtual FM

Apart from making this global view of FM available, the Monitoring Agent is also capable of displaying individualized (agent-centered) information referred to both the illocutions sent and received by each agent. In order to obtain this local information, simply click on the icon representing the agent to be observed within the virtual FM, and next a window similar to that on the left in Table gif will be ideally showed.

Table: Agent Card and Agent Illocutions

Clicking again on the agent's icon lets us browse all the messages being sent and received by the selected agent as shown by the figure on the right in Table gif.

Chapter gif deeply analizes the full functionality of the Monitoring Agent.

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