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Software requirements


In order to run FM, you need to have JDK 1.1.6 and JFC 1.1 with Swing 1.0.3 installed. These can be downloaded from:

This is the minimum software required.

Optionally, FM  is also capable of storing the market information into a MySQL database. For that purpose both a MySQL database and the MySQL JDBC driver should be installed. Both packages can be downloaded from the following sites:

In order to browse the database contents, you can download and install XMySQL, a freely available Xforms based GUI front end to MySQL, from:
Finally, FM  keeps track and stores the evolution of the performance of the agents involved in each tournament in order for these to be analyzed. To obtain a visual representation of the evolution of the tournament, download gnuplot from the GNU web site ( and follow the instructions in the manual.

Juan Antonio Rodriguez
Fri Oct 16 15:39:57 MET DST 1998