AAMAS 2012
Angela assists to the 11th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems in Valencia. She gives a talk about her thesis during the Doctoral Mentoring Program and a demonstration about new features of the DipGame testbed.

DSS journal article
Fabregues A. and Sierra C.HANA: a Human-Aware Negotiation Architecture.Engineering Decision Support Systems, 2012.

King's College research stay
Angela moves to London for a research stay with Prof. Michael Luck in the Planning, Agents and Intelligent Systems (PAIS) group, Department of Informatics's, King's College.

AAMAS 2012
Fabregues A., Biec S. and Sierra C. Running Experiments on DipGame Testbed (Demonstration) Proc. of 11th Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2012), 2012.

EAAI journal article
Fabregues A. and Sierra C. DipGame: a challenging negotiation testbed. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence Vol. 24(7), pp. 1137-1146, 2011.

AAMAS 2011
Fabregues A., López-Paz D. and Sierra C. DipTools: Experimental Data Visualization Tool for the DipGame Testbed (Demonstration), Proc. of 10th Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2011), Taipei, Taiwan, pp. 1315-1316.

CCIA 2010
Fabregues A. and Sierra C. An Agent Architecture for Simultaneous Bilateral Negotiations, Proc. of the 13è Congrés Internacional de l'Associació Catalana d'Intel·ligéncia Artificial (CCIA 2010), Espluga de Francolí, Tarragona, pp. 29-38.

AAMAS 2010
Fabregues A., Navarro D., Serrano A. and Sierra C. DipGame: a Testbed for Multiagent Systems (Demonstration), Proc. of 9th Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2010), Toronto, Canada, pp. 1619-1620.

Hebrew University research stay
Angela moves to Jerusalem for a research stay at Jeff Rosenschein's lab in Hebrew University.

Bar Ilan research stay
Angela moves to Tel Aviv for a research stay at Sarit Kraus' lab in Bar Ilan University.

PerAda Magazine
Fabregues A. and Sierra C. Diplomacy game: the test bed, PerAda Magazine towards pervasive adaptation.

Fabregues A., Madrenas J., Sierra C. and Debenham J. Supplier performance in a Digital Ecosystem, Proc. of the IEEE Int. Conf. on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (IEEE-DEST 2009), Istanbul, pp. 466-471, 2009.

AAMAS 2009
Fabregues A. and Madrenas J. SRM: A tool for supplier performance (Demonstration), Proc. of 8th Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2009), Budapest, Hungary, pp. 1375-1376.

Angela finishes her participation in the ONCNOSIS research project as a software engineer at UDT-IA. She next starts to work in the Agreement Technologies (AT) research project also as software engineer and also in IIIA-CSIC but not under the UDT-IA supervision any more. Her work in AT is going to form part of her PhD.

MS in Artificial Intelligence
Angela gaines her MS in Artificial Intelligence. The official name of the master is Màster en Informàtica Avançada. She studied the artificial intelligence speciallity of this master.

Google Scholar's retreat
Angela visits Google's center in Zurich as part of the Google Scholar's retreat.

Google Scholarship
Angela awarded with 2007 European Google Anita Borg Scholarship.

Master courses
Angela starts her master degree on Artificial Intelligence.

Angela joins UDT-IA to work as software engineer in the ONCNOSIS research project.

BA in Computer Engineering
Angela gaines her bachillor in Computer Engineering. The official name of the bachillor is Enginyeria Tècnica en Informàtica de Sistemes.

MusicStrands S.A.U.
Angela joins MusicStrands S.A.U.

Angela starts a Summer intership at SILME S.A. in Menorca.

Bachillor courses
Angela moves to Barcelona to start her bachillor degree on Computer Engineering.