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Working Papers of the Workshop

You can download now the whole document of the workshop all the papers by cliking here.

Invited Talk:

A logic for linguistic quantifiers and its applications
M. Ying

Contributed papers

Answer set programs with optional rules: a possibilistic approach
K. Bauters, S. Schockaert, M. De Cock, D. Vermeir

Probabilistic State Estimation in the Situation Calculus
V. Belle, H.J. Levesque

Relating fuzzy autoepistemic logic to fuzzy modal logics of belief
M. Blondeel, T. Flaminio, L. Godo, M. De Cock

Modeling Reliability Varying over Time through a Labeled Argumentative Framework
M.C.D. Budán, M.J. Gómez Lucero, G.R. Simari

Logical representation of beliefs in the belief functions theory
L. Cholvy

Recursive Attack and Support in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks
A. Cohen, S. Gottifredi, A.J. García and G.R. Simari

Towards Instance Query Answering for Concepts Relaxed by Similarity Measures
A. Ecke, R. Peñaloza, A.-Y. Turhan

A Bipolar Assertion Model for Natural Language Generation
H. Eyre, J. Lawry

Unifying Probability and Logic for Learning
M. Hutter, J.W. Lloyd, K.S. Ng, W.T.B. Uther

Prime Forms in Possibilistic Logic
G. Qi, L. Perrusel

Modal uncertainty logics with fuzzy neighborhood semantics
R.O. Rodríguez, L. Godo

Scale reasoning with fuzzy-EL+ ontologies based on MapReduce
Z. Zhou, G. Qi, C. Liu, P. Hitzler, R. Mutharaju