The recent explosion of social media sites is creating an unprecedented
opportunity to build radically new types of learning environments, which
use all the capabilities of social media but augmented with learning
agents that can foster collaborative learning by doing. Music is a
potentially very attractive domain to test this idea. There is an
enormous need for education in music but personal music tuition has
become unaffordable or impossible due to the large increase in demand.
Very recently, social music media sites have sprung up, some attracting
close to a million amateurs and professional musicians. Users share what
they are doing within a community of trusted peers, give comments,
create pieces together, and establish commercial and social relations.
PRAISE proposes to go beyond what is currently available by building
learning agents to act as guardians and tutors in a community of music
practice who constantly monitor the student providing ongoing
personalised praise and feedback. The realisation of this vision
requires breakthroughs at two levels: pedagogical and technological.