Simposio de GEMME y el Libro Blanco de Mediación en Cataluña


UDT-IA has participated in the first Simposium of GEMME and White Book of Mediation in Catalunya which took place in  CosmoCaixa (Barcelona) on 18 and 19 June.




UDT-IA in the 4th National Meeting FEDIT opened by the Princes of Asturias

The UDT-IA has been involved in this event, as a representative of the IIIA-CSIC, with other 6 IPOs and 48 FEDIT Technology Centers.

BDigital-IIIA Workshop

UDT-IA in the Report of 2009 Aids to members of the Technology Transfer Network of Catalonia

On April 27 ACC1Ó made the first of the briefings about his 2009 aids management. The links below are the presentations of the day.

Imatge d'una de les ponències

PRUAB Day at IIIA-CSIC "Mistakes of the entrepreneurs"

Organized by the  Parc de Recerca de la UAB in collaboration with UDT-IA, SECOT, Strands y Endor Nanotechnologies, IIIA-CSIC has welcomed today this information day for entrepreneurs. Attendees had the opportunity to feel, beyond the theory, actual experiences on this hard adventure.

UDT-IA completes first phase of the project Avanza I+D Speed

R&D of a planification, control and mobile resources management for a services platform


Data Mining Training

 dm  On March 4, 2009, there has been realized a
seminar of internal training on the topic "Data Mining",

Evolución Genética aplicada al Transporte por Carretera

Sí, has leído bien: Teorías de Evolución Genética aplicadas al común y complejo problema del Transporte por Carretera, más bien a su organización.

  • Introducción

En 1965, Ingo Rechenberg -Universidad Técnica de Berlín- ideó una técnica a la que llamó estrategia evolutiva, que conseguía por primera vez resultados exitosos en un sistema de optimización y aprendizaje automáticos. Si bien ésta no fue la primera aproximación a los Algoritmos Genéticos (AG), ni tampoco la definitiva (más bien un embrión), sí dio pié a que muchos otros científicos se empezaran a interesar y trabajar en ella.

White Book of Mediation



The main objective of this proposal consists of developing a in-depth research on the state of mediation and alternative systems of management and dispute resolution in Catalonia in order to publish a White Book that encompasses the present knowledge in this field. 

La Vanguardia interviews UDT-IA management

Today, the newspaper La Vanguardia has published a special issue about
New Technologies. This includes an interview with UDT's codirectors and manager.

Click the links below to download the press release.

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