Video about IIIA-CSIC at BTV channel

IIIA-CSIC and ASFI signed a framework agreement for research and technology transfer


"UDT-IA: past, present and future", november 3th at IIIA

UDT-IA is the Service Unit of IIIA-CSIC dedicated to its software development and repository and the tasks of technology transfer. In this first part of two seminaries, we would give an overview of UDT-IA objectives, history, current work and future strategy. In short, how UDT-IA achieve the IIIA mission: balancing the AI basic research to its applicability.

Simposio de GEMME y el Libro Blanco de Mediación en Cataluña


UDT-IA has participated in the first Simposium of GEMME and White Book of Mediation in Catalunya which took place in  CosmoCaixa (Barcelona) on 18 and 19 June.




BDigital-IIIA Workshop

HIHEREI: best student demo award AAMAS-2009

BROKAPITAL: nuevo Avanza I+D

Xarxes socials del coneixement per als processos d'inversió de capital risc en projectes de base tecnològica.

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