Service and Solutions

The UDT-IA offers a wide range of R&D collaborative arrangements attending the different degrees of its partners and customers needs:


0. Information exchange

Aware that the basis for any R&D is the mutual knowledge between the scientific world and the other technological agents or companies, we organize various free activities to publicize our work and find new challenges. Also in preparation for new projects. All of these activities include the participation of scientists of the IIIA, committing the required confidentiality.
  • Workshops  and Conferences (general or focused on specific groups and businesses.)
  • Seminars
  • Participation of companies like Entities Observer in R&D Projects (EPOs).

1. Advice, reports and training.

For those entities and individuals who want to gain more knowledge and strategic positioning we have the following services and forms of collaboration:
  • State of the Art on specific topics of AI.
  • Technological Observatory of the AI.
  • Advice on AI technologies.
  • Adapted Training in AI techniques.
  • Sponsorship of PhD level made in the IIIA.
  • Sponsorship of events and organizations IIIA.

2. R&D&i collaboration

This level concerns to the scientific and technological objectives of technology transfer, i.e., tools prototyping or the integration of new procedures to organizations processes. The basic form of collaboration would be funded projects involving the IIIA-CSIC.
  • Participation of companies like Entities Developers in R&D projects of the IIIA.
  • D&i projects with IIIA (AVANZA INNPACTO, European, ...)
  • Leading D&i projects with the IIIA as technology provider (AVANZA, CENIT, Nuclis R+D ACC1Ó ...)

3. Customized R&D&i Projects

Here we give the highest level of technology transfer, based on creating innovation, tools, services or new business models, with flexibility.
  • Making customized projects for business, involving companies staff in the development to ensure the maintenance after collaboration completion.
  • Creating spin-offs with IIIA members to provide AI services.