The recent explosion of social media sites is creating an
unprecedented opportunity to build radically new types of learning
environments, which use all the capabilities of social media but
augmented with learning agents that can foster collaborative learning by
doing. Music is a potentially very attractive domain to test this idea.
There is an enormous need for education in music but personal music
tuition has become unaffordable or impossible due to the large increase


The project proposes the development of pre-commercial prototype of a
cloud-based and mobile service for strategic management of high
performance sales teams in retail organizations. The final application
will support continuous improvement of sales processes using Artificial
Intelligence technologies such as trust and reputation technologies,
"What-if" analysis and feasibility study based on optimization
techniques; and “skill matching” techniques based on multi-attribute
decision theory.


Digital games that are worth playing by older people are a new type of digital games that can reinforce and exploit the strengths of older people as individuals and game players rather than merely compensating for their limitations, reduce isolation and foster socialisation, both offline and online, and improve the physical and psychosocial wellbeing of older people.