MASFIT (Multi-Agent System for Fish Trading) is a Take-up Action type project within the IST project of the European community, and more precisely the EUTIST-AMI
cluster, the technological target of which is to implement the intelligent agents technology in the wholesale fresh fish markets.

Open Knowledge

We shall provide a unifying framework based on interaction models that are mobile in the sense that they may be transferred to other components, this being a mechanism for Web service composition and for coalition formation. 

A key contribution of OpenKnowledge is to demonstrate that by shifting the emphasis to interaction (the details of which may be hidden from users) we can obtain knowledge sharing of sufficient quality for sustainable communities of practise without the barrier of complex meta-data provision prior to community formation. We ground our research in two testbed arenas: bioinformatics and emergency response.


The recent explosion of social media sites is creating an
unprecedented opportunity to build radically new types of learning
environments, which use all the capabilities of social media but
augmented with learning agents that can foster collaborative learning by
doing. Music is a potentially very attractive domain to test this idea.
There is an enormous need for education in music but personal music
tuition has become unaffordable or impossible due to the large increase