The project aim is the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in the creation of a multiagent platform to take supervised decisions and its application in an international transport by road's company (Transports Padrosa). Aforementioned platform will be called I-TIM:  Plataforma Inteligente para el Transporte Internacional de Mercancías (Intelligent Multiagent System for the Commodities' International Transport).



This project has as a main goal the study of techniques which allow to provide EIs with autonomic capabilities that allow them to offer a dynamic response under changing circumstances by adopting interaction conventions, producing a high-level development environment for autonomous electronic institutions (AEI).

Intelligent Book



Llibre Intel·ligent (The Intelligent Book) consists of the definition and construction of a decision support system tool for teachers in schools. Its goal is to propose personalized formative itineraries with categorized and labeled contents according to their characteristics and learning processes. Contents are then adapted to student's features, offering personal attention to his needs accordingly.