This project will explore how ICT and lessons from the software engineering and social web communities can be applied to provoke a radical paradigm shift in the way scientific knowledge is created, disseminated, evaluated, and maintained. This new paradigm will transform a scientific publication from a static artifact to a Liquid Publication that can take multiple forms, that evolves continuously, and is enriched by multiple sources.

The expected benefits of this transformation are:

  • Earlier and greater circulation of innovative ideas, hence, more effective dissemination.
  • Collaborative research efforts built on previous knowledge.
  • Optimization of the time researchers spend creating, assessing and disseminating knowledge while improving the quality of the paper selection processes for conferences and journals.
  • Rationalization of credit attribution processes based on social networks, team and community work, collaborative problem solving, social reputation, and distribution of knowledge.
  • Delivery of innovative products and services for publishers that add value to their traditional businesses.