Intelligent Book



Llibre Intel·ligent (The Intelligent Book) consists of the definition and construction of a decision support system tool for teachers in schools. Its goal is to propose personalized formative itineraries with categorized and labeled contents according to their characteristics and learning processes. Contents are then adapted to student's features, offering personal attention to his needs accordingly.

On the one hand, this system also allows the student's self-regulated learning providing him with tools that will promote and encourage metacognition. Thus, by means of a technological change, there occurs a paradigm shift methodology in two aspects: teachers can better meet students' individual differences and students can take control of their learning process.

On the other hand, this project aims to struggle the high drop-out rates thanks precisely to the high adaptability of contents to the specific educational needs of each student profile.

Finally, it seeks to alleviate the poor or even non-existence use of IT and to promote its incorporation into the class, by integrating it into daily life.


  • Fitting the sequence of learning activities to the student's profiles.
  • Giving feedback to teachers about differences between students.
  • Giving feedback to students about their learning process.