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L'IIIA-CSIC al programa Kopernik

Dijous 20 el programa Kopernik de la productòra Comunicàlia visitarà l'IIIA-CSIC per filmar un reportatge sobre la Intel·ligència Artificial.

PRUAB Day: "Patents: jumpstart to add value to your economic and social research"

Today Thursday, May 13 at 10 will take place in the Hall of the UAB Rectorate a conference to publicize the impact of knowledge protection in research. The informative talk, which is aimed at PhD students and researchers, is jointly organized by the Graduate School and PRUAB.

Merry Christmas to all our readers!

4/12: Presentació llibre "Universitat Empresa", amb la col·laboració UDT-IA i Strands

Aquest divendres 4 de desembre del 2009, a les 12h, a l'edifici Tànger de la UPF es presentarà aquest llibre amb 20 casos de productes iaplicacions resultants de la col·laboració en R+D+I entre els centres derecerca i l'empresa, on destaquem el de la col·laboració entre l'IIIA-CSIC i la seva spin-off Strands (en aquella època MusicStrands) per a desenvolupar un sistema recomanador de compres musicals.

Jornada ESADECreapolis "Nuevas Herramientas de Conocimiento del Consumidor"

En el día de hoy, ESADECreapolis organiza esta jornada donde se analizarán las posibilidades que la Inteligencia Artificial, la Etnografía, las Ciencias Cognitivas y la Contextualización pueden aportar para profundizar en el conocimiento del consumidor.

El IIIA-CSIC participa de dos maneras: 

  • Ponencia del codirector de UDT-IA, Dr. Pere Garcia, en representación del director del Instituto, Dr. Ramon López de Mantaras, sobre "El Fascinante Viaje de la Inteligencia Artificial", a las 12:30h.
  • Exposición de los servicios y proyectos de la UDT-IA, con la presencia de su gestor-promotor, David Sierra, en las diferentes actividades de networking de la jornada.


"UDT-IA: past, present and future", november 3th at IIIA

UDT-IA is the Service Unit of IIIA-CSIC dedicated to its software development and repository and the tasks of technology transfer. In this first part of two seminaries, we would give an overview of UDT-IA objectives, history, current work and future strategy. In short, how UDT-IA achieve the IIIA mission: balancing the AI basic research to its applicability.

Conference. The impact of robotics in the XXI century society.

The conference takes place within the frame of the Japan conferences Cycle organized by the Ramón Areces Foundation in cooperation with Casa Asia. The conferences cycle is thus organized to analyse some of the most relevant aspects of the socio-economic situation in the country. 

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Ramón Areces Foundation, Calle Vitruvio, 5. Madrid.
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
Casa Asia. Av. Diagonal 373, Barcelona

The UDT-IA to the list of Twitter accounts of science and R & D of DIUE

This week, the General Directorate for Research of the Departament for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise (DIUE) of the Generalitat of Catalonia has published a list of Twitter accounts with different actors in the world of R & D, both national as international . Among them,  UDT-IA, withs the differents news of our web and the area of innovation with Artificial Intelligence.

Simposio de GEMME y el Libro Blanco de Mediación en Cataluña


UDT-IA has participated in the first Simposium of GEMME and White Book of Mediation in Catalunya which took place in  CosmoCaixa (Barcelona) on 18 and 19 June.




The event brought together Group of European Magistrates for Mediation (GEMME), along with members of the White Book of Mediation Project led by the Department of Justice of the Generalitat, in which UDT-IA participates..  

Together with the Institute of Law and Technology (co-organizer of the event), the UDT-IA has worked in the making of chapter 11 of the book: Mediation and Technology. The technological contribution of UDT-IA has been a prototype of Online Dispute Resolution provider based in Electronic Institutions, development that has been submitted in the congress with good reception by the participants.




UDT-IA in the 4th National Meeting FEDIT opened by the Princes of Asturias

The UDT-IA has been involved in this event, as a representative of the IIIA-CSIC, with other 6 IPOs and 48 FEDIT Technology Centers.

The venue was the Hotel Ercilla in Bilbao and the event was inaugurated by His Royal Highnesses the Princes of Asturias and Lendakari, plus other representatives of the sector R & D.

The purpose of the meeting was to foster relationships between members of different centers and institutions, with the intention of sowing the seeds of new ideas for future collaborations.

T.R.H. the Princes of Asturias visiting the IIIA-CSIC stand

Photo Gallery of the 4th Encounter.

CDTI Conference

CDTI Conference

You are invited by UDT to the conference organized by CDTI people who provide their services and support to companies and research institutions in R & D area.

When: June 25th, 2009, from 9:15 to 13:30.
Where: CSIC-IIIA (see map on website).



  • 9:15 - Reception
  • 9:30 - Welcome by the vice-director of the IIIA-CSIC
  • 10:00 - Presentation of CDTI
  • 12:00 - Break
  • 12:20 - Questions
  • 12:40 - Custom Interviews (*)
  • 13:30 - Close

To confirm, please send an e-mail to udt-info  udt-info @ iiia.csic.es or call to 93 580 95 70 (David Sierra).

Jornada CDTI al IIIA.pdf297.53 KB

BDigital-IIIA Workshop

On May 29, the Technological Center Barcelona Digital (Bdigital) and the IIIA-CSIC celebrate a Workshop at the 22@ Innovation district of Barcelona. The topic was presenting some of the R+D projects of Bdigital at the security and healthcare areas and a selection of the IIIA research: autonomous agents, trust and reputation, decision support systems, etc with some UDT-IA developments. The objective of the event was finding some ideas for future collaborations.




Supplier Relationship Management Demo, by Jordi Madrenas of UDT-IA

SRM demo


Jordi Sabater (IIIA), Carles Sans (BDigital), Marc Esteva (IIIA), Bruno Rosell (UDT-IA) and Federico Heras (BDigital).


Carles Sierra, vicedirector of the IIIA-CSIC, explaining the LiquidPub Project.

I-TIM: Kick off meeting


I-TIM project (Intelligent Multiagent System for the Commodities' International Transport) has started successfully.

Last friday, may 22nd 2009, UDT-IA and Transports Padrosa, project's partner teams, got a meeting in Llers (Girona), central base of Grup Padrosa, to give officious starting of this project.

Kick off I-TIM
Research and development lines of this project direct it to achieve substantial improvements on the transport and sales sector, which Transports Padrosa belongs to.

HIHEREI: best student demo award AAMAS-2009

"HIHEREI: Human Interaction within Hybrid Environments Regulated through Electronic Institutions" have been awarded the "Best student software demo Award" at the AAMAS-2009 (International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems) held in Budapest. UDT-IA has participated on the development of that work as part of the european FP6 project eRep: Social Knowledge for e-Governance.



FolletoHIHEREI.ppt1.24 MB

UDT-IA in the Report of 2009 Aids to members of the Technology Transfer Network of Catalonia

On April 27 ACC1Ó made the first of the briefings about his 2009 aids management. The links below are the presentations of the day.

Imatge d'una de les ponències

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