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Recommender Systems UDT-IA (IIIA-CSIC)

The UDT-IA and recommendation systems. Introducing complex systems: argumentative recommenders and structured sets recommenders.

The IIIA in the Science and Technology Festival

The IIIA participated in the Science and Technology Festival that took place the last 15th and 16th of June in the Ciutadella's Parc in Barcelona. The IIIA presented the ACE
(Autonomic software engineering for online Cultural Experiences) project. For these purposes, 4 tablets were layed out so that visitors could experiment with the application.


IIIA CSIC on TVE's news

TVE broadcast a report about artificial intelligence during the afternoon news on Sunday 17th of February. Part of the report was filmed at the IIIA and included an interview with the director (Ramon López de Mántaras), the tenured scientist Juan Antonio Rodríguez and the UDT engineer Ismel Brito.


The Alan Turing year

During all year 2012, the newspaper "El país" has released a series of posts dedicated to Alan Turing.

New project on High Performance Commercial Teams Strategic Management

Enzyme Advising Group, a NEXE group company, has received a grant from ACC1Ó to carry out a high performance commercial teams strategic management project in conjunction with the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the Research Council for Scientific Research (IIIA - CSIC), which is part of TECNIO, the only network that enhances technology transfer and business innovation in Catalonia.

This grant is awarded each year to individual projects to help develop new products that provide differential competitive advantages to the company.

The project developed by Enzyme and the IIIA-CSIC, aims to design and industrialize an innovative solution that will offer companies with large commercial networks a solution to make sales processes more efficient. The functional core of this solution, which can be accessed through the cloud and via mobile devices, consists of four modules of activity: modeling, registration, analysis and improvement modules.
The IIIA-CSIC will provide the AI based components for the development of the prototype as well as support and knowledge in integrating these components into the prototype. The resulting product (iKey Retail Performance) will explore, among other things, the capabilities of the analysis methodology and the software components of the IIIA-CSIC for automating the management of sales teams in the “Retail” industry.
With this product, Enzyme, in collaboration with the IIIA-CSIC, will offer large companies a mechanism to strategically improve sales based on the combination of the best and most effective practices allowing them to increase their productivity, competitiveness and ultimately their profits.

Video about IIIA-CSIC at BTV channel

The interaction between people and machines through the Internet will define the economy of 3.0

A new generation of researchers began to develop computer applications for businesses in a global collaborative environment. In the next 2 to 5 years will begin to consolidate these applications in fields such as electronic trading conflicts, intelligent coordination systems and systems of reputation and trust.

A new generation of applications based on the interaction between people and machines, is moving us closer to an economic model 3.0, in which tools are more intuitive. Known as Agreement Technologies,  a software is offering practical and customized solutions for companies that need to address complex tasks that require interaction and cooperation among multiple agents.

These applications, for example, help improve e-procurement tasks can simulate markets, streamline systems, intelligent medical emergencies, conduct electronic trading, assist in conflict resolution online, improve customer service, etc..

In order to present the Agreement Technologies and their applications to business, the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (IIIA-CSIC), located in the UAB Research Park, held on 6 March in a Day in Barcelona World Trade Center, which was meant to be a meeting point between researchers and entrepreneurs who want to make technologies that are in the early stages of development, solutions and business opportunities.

UDT-IA en el Foro TRANSFIERE 2012

Los días 8 y 9 de febrero, UDT-IA estará en el Foro TRANSFIERE que se celebrará en el Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga. Durante la misma, realizará diferentes entrevistas con empresas del sector Telecomunicaciones, Agroalimentario, Energía, Medioambiente, Salud, Infraestructura/Transporte y Turismo/Servicios.

Las tecnologías ofertadas por UDT-IA en esta ocasión son las referentes a Confianza y Reputación, Sistemas de Soporte a la Decisión, Clasificación y Personalización, y Mediación Electrónica. En caso de no haber concertado cita previa, las diferentes entidades pueden dirigirse a la Web del Evento para gestionar la agenda de disponibilidad.

IIIA-CSIC, member of the Advisory Board of EmprenedorXXIDigital Program

New edition of the program for ICT entrepreneurs organized by Barcelona Activa where IIIA-CSIC participates again as a member of the Advisory Board represented by UDT-IA. The last edition, in the form of Microsoft Pre-Incubation Program, led to the creation of two IIIA's spin-off: FiniXer & CogniCor.

This year, Barcelona Activa, Microsoft & Osborne-Clarke add new parners to sponsorship: "La Caixa", the the Department of Enterprise and Employment of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Barcelona Digital Tech Center.



Director of IIIA-CSIC Wins Major AI Award

Ramon Lopez de Mantaras has been selected as the ninth recipient of the AAAI Robert S. Engelmore Memorial Lecture Award, sponsored by IAAI and AI Magazine. The award will be presented at IAAI-2011 in San Francisco. As part of the award, Ramon will deliver a keynote invited talk at this year’s Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference on August 10 in San Francisco. Previous winners are: Larry Hunter, Ed Feigenbaum, Jim Hendler, Bruce Buchanan, Oren Etzioni, Kenneth Ford, Bill Swartout, and Jay Tenenbaum.




David Leake (AAAI) delivering the award to Ramon López de Mantaras

CogniSettle (CogniCor Technologies), finalist for the OMExpo investor Day

The jury of OMExpo Investor Day (March 16, 2011) has chosen CogniSettle, a product of CogniCor Technologies (an startup project of IIIA-CSIC), as one of the 10 startups finalists chosen among more than 100 business plans submitted to the contest. The OMExpo Investor Day will award the most promising startup with an investment of € 25,000 sponsored by KOMM Investment.

CogniCor Technologies, with the other nine companies, will be present as exhibiting at OMExpo Madrid, the most important event of the digital marketing in Spain.

Business Day on "Technology Agreement", held in Madrid

On 16 February, in Madrid, the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of the CSIC, Rey Juan Carlos University and the Polytechnic University of Valencia organized a "Business Day", a presentation of the CONSOLIDER Project "Technology Agreement" with the participation of over 20 companies from different sectors.

Conference on Artificial Intelligence and quality of life (27 November, National Archives of Catalonia)

Detall d'un disseny del Taller Jeroni de Moragas

(see traslation

La transferència de coneixement des del mon de la universitat i la recerca és cabdal pel desenvolupament de l'economia, però també per millorar la qualitat de vida de les persones. Aquesta transferència no es troba exempta de dificultats quan parlem de l'aplicació en els serveis socials. El nostre objectiu és organitzar una jornada per divulgar experiències recents d'aplicació de noves tècniques en intel·ligència artificial en l'àmbit social i intentar relacionar-les amb les experiències que des del camp de la qualitat de vida, es venen desenvolupant amb diversos col·lectius de persones amb discapacitat, i motivar així a altres investigadors i persones que treballen als serveis socials a fer innovació plegats. Adrecem aquesta jornada en general a tot el conjunt de persones vinculades a les noves tecnologies i a les persones i professionals interessades en el món de la diversitat i el sector social, especialment els joves, perquè puguin descobrir aplicacions de la intel·ligència artificial que van més enllà del entorn mercantil o lúdic, i que tenen a veure amb el seu dia a dia.


  • Taller Jeroni de Moragas (cooperativa sense afany de lucre dedicada a l'atenció de persones adultes amb discapacitat intel·lectual)
  •  Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 
  • Institut d'Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial (IIIA - CSIC)

Inscripció gratuïta: http://jornades.uab.cat/qualitat/content/inscripció

IIIA-CSIC and ASFI signed a framework agreement for research and technology transfer


The Spanish State Agency National Research Council , through its Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IIIA-CSIC) , and the Bolivian Supervisory Authority of the Financial System (ASFI) agreed June 10 to sign a framework agreement for research and technology transfer for the next five years. Achieving this agreement has been made possible through the mediation of theTechnology Development Unit in Artificial Intelligence (UDT-IA) .

ASFI is the regulatory body which exercises control and supervision of all the Bolivian financial system, which includes the activity of financial intermediation, Insurance and Securities. Until May 2009, ASFI only regulated financial intermediation sector and worked under the category of Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, a situation that changed following the enactment and enforcement of the New Constitution of the State . This generated the merger of the former Superintendency of Banks with the Securities and Insurance Intendencias of the former Superintendency of Pensions, Securities and Insurance.

This new situation of ASFI , and the resulting increased flow of information, has led to effective solutions through technological projects that offer solutions based on artificial intelligence applied to the control and regulation of Financial Intermediation Institutions, Securities Market Insurance sector, behind the recent framework agreement with the IIIA-CSIC .

The Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IIIA-CSIC) is a center dedicated to research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the transfer of technology through its Technology Development Unit in AI (UDT-IA). IIIA-CSIC has out research in fields of AI that are related to the objectives of this agreement, such as: Learning Systems, Case Based Reasoning, Intelligent Agent-Based Systems, Electronic Markets, Reputation and Trust, Reasoning and Logic.

IIIA-CSIC is interested in conducting AI research and developing technologies that enable  establishment of methodologies to address in a more efficient control and supervision of the financial system. Under the umbrella of the recently signed framework agreement, IIIA-CSIC will be initiate with ASFI a series of R&D&i projects for get to solve more efficiently the problems of each involved  sector and global vision.

Visita dels alumnes del Master de Gestió Aeronàutica de la UAB

Els alumnes de l'assignatura Intel·ligència Artificial del Màster de Gestió Aeronàutica de la UAB visitaran avui el IIIA-CSIC.


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