New project on High Performance Commercial Teams Strategic Management

Enzyme Advising Group, a NEXE group company, has received a grant from ACC1Ó to carry out a high performance commercial teams strategic management project in conjunction with the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the Research Council for Scientific Research (IIIA - CSIC), which is part of TECNIO, the only network that enhances technology transfer and business innovation in Catalonia.

This grant is awarded each year to individual projects to help develop new products that provide differential competitive advantages to the company.

The project developed by Enzyme and the IIIA-CSIC, aims to design and industrialize an innovative solution that will offer companies with large commercial networks a solution to make sales processes more efficient. The functional core of this solution, which can be accessed through the cloud and via mobile devices, consists of four modules of activity: modeling, registration, analysis and improvement modules.
The IIIA-CSIC will provide the AI based components for the development of the prototype as well as support and knowledge in integrating these components into the prototype. The resulting product (iKey Retail Performance) will explore, among other things, the capabilities of the analysis methodology and the software components of the IIIA-CSIC for automating the management of sales teams in the “Retail” industry.
With this product, Enzyme, in collaboration with the IIIA-CSIC, will offer large companies a mechanism to strategically improve sales based on the combination of the best and most effective practices allowing them to increase their productivity, competitiveness and ultimately their profits.