IIIA-CSIC and ASFI signed a framework agreement for research and technology transfer


The Spanish State Agency National Research Council , through its Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IIIA-CSIC) , and the Bolivian Supervisory Authority of the Financial System (ASFI) agreed June 10 to sign a framework agreement for research and technology transfer for the next five years. Achieving this agreement has been made possible through the mediation of theTechnology Development Unit in Artificial Intelligence (UDT-IA) .

ASFI is the regulatory body which exercises control and supervision of all the Bolivian financial system, which includes the activity of financial intermediation, Insurance and Securities. Until May 2009, ASFI only regulated financial intermediation sector and worked under the category of Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, a situation that changed following the enactment and enforcement of the New Constitution of the State . This generated the merger of the former Superintendency of Banks with the Securities and Insurance Intendencias of the former Superintendency of Pensions, Securities and Insurance.

This new situation of ASFI , and the resulting increased flow of information, has led to effective solutions through technological projects that offer solutions based on artificial intelligence applied to the control and regulation of Financial Intermediation Institutions, Securities Market Insurance sector, behind the recent framework agreement with the IIIA-CSIC .

The Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IIIA-CSIC) is a center dedicated to research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the transfer of technology through its Technology Development Unit in AI (UDT-IA). IIIA-CSIC has out research in fields of AI that are related to the objectives of this agreement, such as: Learning Systems, Case Based Reasoning, Intelligent Agent-Based Systems, Electronic Markets, Reputation and Trust, Reasoning and Logic.

IIIA-CSIC is interested in conducting AI research and developing technologies that enable  establishment of methodologies to address in a more efficient control and supervision of the financial system. Under the umbrella of the recently signed framework agreement, IIIA-CSIC will be initiate with ASFI a series of R&D&i projects for get to solve more efficiently the problems of each involved  sector and global vision.