White Book of Mediation



The main objective of this proposal consists of developing a in-depth research on the state of mediation and alternative systems of management and dispute resolution in Catalonia in order to publish a White Book that encompasses the present knowledge in this field. 

The contribution of the UDT-IA in this project is, in particular of establishing which procedures of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) can be developed online (Online Dispute Resolution, ODR), since the use of Internet and of Web Page 2.0 is unstoppable  (especially among the young people) and there are sectors -as that of the e-Commerce- for which the ODR is indispensable.



The UDT-IA is developing together with the Instituto de Derecho i Tecnología (IDT) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) the chapter of the project: Mediation and Technology. The goal is analyzing the state of art and possible developments of conflicts resolution applicable to Catalonia. The Kick-Off meeting was the 3 February of 2009.

The leaders entities of the project are:




Other organizations adhered to the project:


With the support of UDT-IA,  the IIIA-CSIC people that will lead the research is:


More Information: Lllibre Blanc de la Mediació