UDT-IA completes first phase of the project Avanza I+D Speed

R&D of a planification, control and mobile resources management for a services platform


With the apparition and fast evolution of the information technologies and communications, nowadays we can not understand a transport vehicle or saloon car without a remote location control. This situation has predisposed a massive apparition of vehicle locating systems the last years.
Although at present there exists a huge number of companies dedicated to the locating and navigation systems development, it is just a few part them realizing complete systems for theplannification optimization, as the present market is requesting.
This study is part of a computing applications suite's development project complementary and necessary to build a Mobile Services Platform. This platform gives support to the
  • planification,
  • control and
  • management
of mobile resources, like the daily activities of the business sector.


The Technology Development Unit in Artificial Intelligence's goal is to study the technologies, artificial intelligence based on, useful to solve the mobile services routes' planification problem.
These techniques can be classified into the following groups:
  • Exacts
  • Heuristics
  • Metaheuristics
  • Techniques based on knowledge
UDT-IA also developed some prototypes using two of these techniques: Heuristics (nearest neighbor) and Metaheuristics (Genetic Algorithm) for further study.

In the following video you can see a demonstration of the prototypes: