BDigital-IIIA Workshop

On May 29, the Technological Center Barcelona Digital (Bdigital) and the IIIA-CSIC celebrate a Workshop at the 22@ Innovation district of Barcelona. The topic was presenting some of the R+D projects of Bdigital at the security and healthcare areas and a selection of the IIIA research: autonomous agents, trust and reputation, decision support systems, etc with some UDT-IA developments. The objective of the event was finding some ideas for future collaborations.




Supplier Relationship Management Demo, by Jordi Madrenas of UDT-IA

SRM demo


Jordi Sabater (IIIA), Carles Sans (BDigital), Marc Esteva (IIIA), Bruno Rosell (UDT-IA) and Federico Heras (BDigital).


Carles Sierra, vicedirector of the IIIA-CSIC, explaining the LiquidPub Project.