Practice and peRformance Analysis Inspiring Social Education


How social media may provide new opportunities for musical practice

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Funded by: Praise (European FP7 Project)


10-12 december 2012 (Monday-Wednesday)

We advise you to come Sunday evening already so we can stick to the proposed schedule. Wednesday we will stop earlier, at about 13:00. Rooms have already been reserved for all people in the section "participants".


Hotel Playafells (

Playa Ribera San Pedro, 1-9
08860 Castelldefels
SPAIN, Tel. (34) 93.665.12.50
Fax (34) 93.664.10.01)


The hotel is not too far away from the airport (10 km), so we recommend taking a taxi…
However, if you insist!

How to get at the hotel by car from the airport
Take the road C-32 direction Sitges/Tarragona and take the exit Castelldefels Sud and you will find the way to the hotel, which is on the street on first line to the sea (10 minutes).

How to get there by car from Barcelona
Take the road C-32 direction South (Tarragona) until the exit Castelldefels Sud. (20 minutes).

How to get there by train from Barcelona
Take the train line R2 in one of these three stations: Estació de França, Passeig de Gràcia or Estació de Sants, and get out in Castelldefels Platja.


This workshop investigates pedagogical principles that could inform the design of ICT-based learning environments for music, particularly tutoring through social media. It brings together educators and music practitioners as well as IT experts and computer scientists. Different ages are covered from early years to the education of professionals and different styles of music (classical, Jazz, computer-based). Among the topics to be discussed:

  • Stimulating musical creativity.
  • Feedback in performance.
  • Curriculum design.
  • Achieving student motivation.
  • Playing together.
  • State-of-the-art in computer-based tools that exploit the web and social media.
Session 0: Introduction

0.1. Aims of the workshop
0.2. Brief self-presentation by each participant (all)

Session 1: Learning and tutoring experiences

1.1. Early years music (Nancy, François)
1.2. Mastering an instrument (Maria, Emilia)
1.3. Interpreting a score (Josep)
1.4. Composing (François, Johan, Joe, Luc, Nancy)
1.5. Improvising (Mark, François)
1.6. Music in group (Josep, Joe, Nancy)

Session 2: ICT in education

2.1. Constructivist learning environments (Ken)
2.2. Massive Open Online Courses (Matthew, Ken, Luc)
2.3. Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Optimal Use of Feedback (Katrien, Harry)
2.4. Social Media for musical exchange (Johan, Matthew)

Session 3: Theoretical background

3.1. Stimulating motivation (Mark, Luc)
3.2. Stimulating representation making and coordination (Luc, Nancy, Ken)
3.3. Concepts from pedagogy (Katrien, François)
3.4. Group learning (Mark, Nancy)

Session 4: Social media in online music education: wrap-up (all)



The workshop is small-scale to allow ample time for discussion. The contributions and dialogs will later be collected in a book publication.

List of Key Participants

Additional PRAISE staff