Practice and peRformance Analysis Inspiring Social Education

Advisory Board (September 9, 2014)









1 Schedule

10 - 10.30 : Welcome - Carles Sierra Welcome.

How did the review go?

Overview of work completed.

Answers to questions from initial AB report.

10.30 - 10.45 : Introduction - Mark d'Inverno

What do we want and expect from the AB today?

10.45 - 11.40 : Demo - Matthew Yee-King / Bruno Rosell /Carles Sierra/ Fran├žois Pachet

Staged demo:

1) New version of Music Circle

2) Some members of PRAISE take on the role of learners and teachers in a community and carry out a lesson plan involving all modules.

3) SONY's developments.

11.45 - 12.00 : Coffee Informal playing with the system by AB members.
12.00 - 1.00 : Technology overview: mapping the demo to the DoW

VUB - Natural Language Analysis and Pedagogy. - Luc Steels (VUB)

Sony - Composition and performance tools - Francois Pachet (Sony)

IIIA - Trust and Reputation, electronic Institutions + Audio Analysis - Carles Sierra (IIIA)

Goldsmiths - Pedagogy, interface and agent design - Mark d'Inverno (IIIA)

1.00 - 2.00: Lunch We'll facilitate that AB members meet with subject specialists.
2.00 - 2.30: Case Studies: - Francois Pachet and Matthew Yee-King The Case Studies. Results so far. Challenges and concerns in developing a robust user-centred system.
2.30 - 3.30: Q & A - Carles Sierra Question and answer session. The panelists ask questions to the PRAISE team and vice-versa.
3:30 - 3.45: Coffee Break  
3.45 - 4.45: Final Panel - Luc Steels

Open questions on the future of PRAISE

1) What are the main opportunities of MOOCs for education?

2) What are the limitations of MOOCsS?

3) What are the biggest hurdles for creating successful MOOCs?


2 Brief summary of Panel Attendees and their specialisations Advisory Board and reasons based on DoW as to why we chose them.

  • Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, The University of Edinburgh, UK.

    The key role Prof Trevarthen will play is in guiding the appropriate evaluation of our case-studies in terms of the transformational nature on music practice.

  • Giordano Riberio Eualalio Cabral, CEO, Daccord Music Software SA, Brazil.

    This company was chosen because of the great potential of on-line music making in Brazil and will help jus develop exploitation possibilities.

  • Frederic Bevilacqua, IRCAM, France

    Involved in initial design of some of the technologies we will be developing during this project (e.g. Mogees). An expert in gesture recognition systems.
  • Professor Mark Sandler, Queen Mary

    Runs a large research centre around digital signal processing for Audio and is well connected with the creative industries including a range of SMEs and may provide expertise in looking for a range of exploitation possibilities.
  • Professor Michael Luck, Kings College, UK.

    Specific role in overseeing the design of the agent-technologies in this project and tools for community building such as trust and reputation.
  • Enric Guaus, Director of the Sonology Department, Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya.

    Invited to help to monitor the development of the HCI systems that enable users to interface the underlying technologies of the Project.