Practice and peRformance Analysis Inspiring Social Education

Welcome to PRAISE!

PRAISE STREP (FP7- 318770) funded by the European Commission

What is PRAISE?

PRAISE is a social network for music education with tools for giving and receiving feedback. It aims to widen access to music education and make learning music more accessible and more social.

At its heart PRAISE will provide a supportive, social environment using the latest techniques in social networks, online community building, intelligent personal agents and audio and gesture analysis.

Any member of any community can post audio to any community for which they are a member and ask for specific kinds of feedback on various regions of that audio. Any community member can respond with text, or with other audio to emphasize a particular point about style or performance for example. (read more)




How it's different?

First, the aspect of peer learning by leveraging social media is new. Second, the rich interface through which students can interact, provides enriched audio-visual feedback not found in traditional online learning systems. Also, special care is given to the pedagogical impact of every design decision. The interfaces are designed not from a technical or engineering perspective, but really conceived in a user centric way. Last but not least, the system is put to the test continuously from the start in a real environment at Goldsmiths and in other communities.


Pedagogical aspects

  • Making practice less like an isolated activity
  • Intensifying practice through peer, expert and automatic feedback
  • Increase motivation through multi-modal and user-centric interaction
  • Exploit the advantages of peer learning and social endorsement
  • Stimulating interaction and collaboration in a trusted environment