Onn Shehory

Onn Shehory is a researcher at IBM research lab in Israel. He is also an adjunct faculty at several Israeli universities. Dr. Shehory has been studying, designing and developing agent-based systems, and in particular coalition and auction protocols and strategies, for more than 20 years. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the leading technologies in the field, and has published dozens of papers, of which many directly address the topics of this tutorial. In 2014, an AIJ paper of his on coalitions has received the IFAAMAAS influential paper award.

Onn Shehory has a rich teaching and lecturing experience. Since 1999, Dr. Shehory has taught several courses on agent technology, coalitions and auctions at three institutes (Carnegie Mellon, Technion and Bar Ilan). Some of the materials for this tutorial were successfully presented in those courses. Dr. Shehory has also given multiple tutorials at international scientific meetings, including EASSS 2002, EASSS 2003, EASSS 2004, EASSS2005, AAMAS 2002, AAMAS 2003, AAMAS 2004, AAMAS 2007, EASSS 2008, AAMAS 2009 and EASSS 2014, to list a few.