Francisco J. Miguel Quesada

Francesc J. Miguel holds a PhD in Sociology from the UAB and a University Degree in
Sociology of Consumption from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. As associate Professor at UAB is responsible for courses in Methodology for the Social Sciences, Sociology of Consumption and Applied Statistics for Marketing Analysis. He has conducted research in the fields of sociology of consumption, social indicators, and the analysis of school-to-work transitions. At present he mainly works in the domain of “computational sociology”, merging social science and computer simulation techniques to model complex policy issues and societal dynamics, and, as GSADI member and as Director of the “Laboratory for Socio-Historical Dynamics Simulation” (LSDS) he is involved in several projects about the use of agent-based social simulation for the modelling of social networks dynamics and evolution of social behavior. He organized and chaired the 10th Annual European Social Simulation Association Conference (September 2014).