Cooperative and non-cooperative games: coalitions and auctions

Presented by Onn Shehory

The course will be comprised of two major parts. The first part will begin with game theory fundamentals and will proceed with some definitions of games, of equilibria and of solution concepts. A few specific solution concepts will be discussed in more detail (e.g., the core, Shapley values, the Kernel), and some corresponding algorithms that implement these solutions will be presented. In the second part of the course, focus will shift to mechanisms and in particular to auctions. The basic concepts of mechanisms will be presented. Then, several auction types will be discussed, including English and Dutch auctions, sealed bid and open cry auctions, first price and n-th price auctions, and others too. Auctioneer and bidder strategies will be examined. Some case studies from real auctions which discussed as well.


PART 1: Background and Solution Concepts

  1. Introduction and background concepts
    • Concepts
    • Cooperative games
    • Revisit non-cooperative games (following T4)
  2. Solution concepts and coalitions:
    • Protocols and strategies
    • Stability and equilibria
    • Solution concepts: Core, Shapley, others
    • Coalitions
    • Algorithms

PART 2: Auctions

  1. Introduction
  2. Action types, strategies and properties:
    • English, Dutch
    • First-price, n-th price
    • CDA
  3. Case studies and field results
  4. Concluding remarks