Nils Bulling

Nils Bulling is an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology. Dr. Bulling completed his habilitation (Dr. rer. nat. habil.) in Computer Science in 2015 and received his PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) in 2010, both at Clausthal University of Technology. His PhD thesis was awarded the international E.W. Beth dissertation prize for an outstanding contribution in the fields of logic, language, and information. Currently, he is a staff member of the Interactive Intelligence Group at TU Delft, led by Prof. Dr. Catholijn Jonker, and an adjunct member of the Computational Intelligence Group at TU Clausthal, led by Prof. Dr. Ju ̈rgen Dix. Dr. Bulling’s general research focus is on formal methods (especially verification), multi-agent systems, logics, game theoretic- methods and artificial intelligence.

In the last few years he has given lectures related to theoretical foundations of computer science, multi-agent systems and verification of systems at a national as well as international level. Dr. Bulling regularly serves on program committees of the main conferences and work- shops in the area of multi-agent systems and artificial intelligence. He is steering committee member of LAMAS (Logical Aspects of Multi-Agent Systems) and involved in the organization of international events. Dr. Bulling was PC co-chair and co-organizer of two international workshops (CLIMA XV and LAMAS 2014) and a Dagstuhl seminar (2014). Also, he was the PC chair of the 12th European Conference on Multi-Agent Systems (EUMAS 2014) and is the Chair of the doctoral consortium of the 13th German Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies (MATES 2015). He regularly referees papers and articles for journals, workshops, and conferences, and has been published more than 40 papers at international events. He also co-authored two book chapters on the specification and verification of multi-agent systems and on strategic reasoning in multi-player games.