User trials

  • Horniman photos

The WeCurate application was presented as an interactive exhibit in the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, London. At the museum's recommendation, the participants were asked to use WeCurate to select, as a group, the images they would like to have as a postcard. The museum also provided a public space to conduct our evaluation. During the evaluation, up to four visitors used WeCurate running on 4 iPads, fixed around a single table so the users were co-located. The museum provided 150 images from their collection for the participants to discuss. The analysis of the data concentrated on the distinct interactive behaviours of different social groups. From the observed sessions, direct communication was recorded and cross referenced with the log files to contextualise the users' discussions, while the questionnaire data provided justifications of the participants' behaviour. To determine the dynamics of the shared experience for each group, instances and breakdowns in coordinating and collaborating action were identified and characterised. For more information about experimental results see