The VALID Project

Validation Methods and Tools for Knowledge Based Systems

The aim of the VALID Project was to develop methods and tools for the validation of Knowledge-Based Systems. The project has developed a validation environment in which different KBS can be validated. It includes a validation toolkit comprising seven tools, ranging from inconsistency detection to KBS inspectors. The knowledge engineer can interact with the validation toolkit using windows and menus. Validation tools produced by the valid project have been tested on real KBS and have been useful in improving their performance.

The aim and results of the project are reported in detail at:
Pedro Meseguer & Enric Plaza: The VALID Project: Goals, Development and Results
A critical account of the approach taken, assessing pros and cons is here:
Pedro Meseguer & Enric Plaza, Validation of KBS: The VALID project

The VALID Project was an Esprit-II Project developed in cooperation: