The FishMarket Tournaments

First Edition

Barcelona, 9th June 1997

List of Participants

This page will be permanently under construction... Sorry about that mates

List of Participants

Login Programming Language Team
warakaman C UPC
akira C UPC
fishbroker Java UPC
tindalos C UPC
mc Java UAB
dolphin Common Lisp UPC
f2422080 Common Lisp UPC
panipeixos C UPC
josnat C UPC
satan Common Lisp UPC
xanquete C UPC
e0934125 C UPC
fisher Common Lisp IIIA-CSIC
milord Common Lisp IIIA-CSIC
tiburon Prolog IIIA-CSIC
rondecanya Prolog IIIA-CSIC
Updated: May, 25th 1997

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