The FishMarket Tournaments

First Edition

Barcelona, 9th June 1997

Tournament Evaluation Framework

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Tournament Evaluation Framework

Once defined a tournament, the following questions arise:

Thus we will need two additional parameters:



E Winner evaluation function. This function works out a buyer agent's performance according to some criteria, and so allows for ranking the participating agents with respect to their performance.
p Prize to be awarded to the tournament winners.

First of all, we introduce the following formula which evaluates the benefits of a given buyer tex2html_wrap44 at round number tex2html_wrap45 of auction number tex2html_wrap46 .



Therefore, for the purpose of this first tournament we define the value of the winner evaluation for a given buyer tex2html_wrap44 like



Finally, the final mark of a student will depend on which position the winner evaluation function ranks him.
Updated: May, 25th 1997

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