The FishMarket Tournaments

Second Edition

Barcelona 1998

Tournament Evaluation Framework

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Tournament Evaluation Framework

Once defined a tournament a tournament scenario, the following questions arise:

Thus we will need two additional parameters:



E Winner evaluation function. This function works out a buyer agent's performance according to some criteria, and so allows for ranking the participating agents with respect to their performance.
p Prize to be awarded to the tournament winners.

For this tournament, we define the value of the winner evaluation function E for a given buyer b as


where Bk(b) stands for the accumulated benefit (resale price - sold price) of buyer b during auction k.

The goal of this evaluation function is to weigh higher the fact of winning the auctions which are closer to the end of the tournament. In this way, we try to encourage buyer programmers to learn to improve their bidding strategies as the tournament goes by.

Finally, the final mark of a student will depend on which position the winner evaluation function ranks him.
Updated: April, 29th 1998

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