The FishMarket Tournaments

Cluster Edition


The first European FishMarket Tournament will be soon taking place involving several of the CLUSTER nodes. A handful of reckless AI students and researchers from CLUSTER will be developing their buyer agents to compete for having the great honour of becoming the winner of the first CLUSTER FishMarket tournament.  The results will be made public at the CLUSTER General Assembly next May in Dublin.

So far the following intitutions have confirmed their participation: Ècole Polythecnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Imperial College and Technical University of Catalonia .

The first round will be held from 26/04/1999 until 30/04/1999. And the final round will be held from 05/05/1999 until 07/05/1999.

For this purpose, they will make use of FM, a test bed for electronic auction markets developed at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.

If you are a CLUSTER student and you are willing to participate please feel free to get in touch with the organization for further information, and eventually to finally register as a participant.

COMING SOON! A CFP (call for participation) containing a thorough description of the features of the competition.

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Do you need to know more about the fishmarket project? Perhaps you would like to go through the fishmarket project webpage. There, you can visit the fish market in Blanes, download our publications or the current version of FM, or visit the team members' web pages.
Updated: March, 14th 1999

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